What Role Does The Polish Surface Play On Prototypes?
By NICE Rapid | Jan 20 , 2020

Polish is one of post-treatment in manufacturing prototypes, usually the raw products need be polished after CNC Machining because of some tool marks and burrs, it will affect the aesthetics of the surface if not polish!

We need to use abrasive paper to polish, the abrasive paper has different class, the smaller number, the thickergrit; the bigger number, the thinner grit. Usually from thicker to thinner grit.

So, what role does polish surface play on prototypes? Please see below:

1. Polish treatment can remove tool marks and burrs, oil and dirt etc…

2.The products are rather rough surface after CNC Machining; we need to use abrasive paper to polish to get a smooth surface. It can reduce the surface roughness and become smooth;

3.Usually the products need to be polished before being painted. Because the coating has poor adhesion on an over-smooth surface, polish surface can enhance the mechanical adhesion of the coating.

4. For products that need to be transparent on the surface, they must be polished before they become transparent. Like acrylic products.

For CNC prototypes, polish treatment plays an early role, which has a certain impact on the quality of the product. We will not polish surface when customer require as machined surface.

Nice Rapid hopes to provide customers with high-quality parts and various types of surface treatments, which can meet your various needs. Contact us or send drawings to enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com, and we will have dedicated personnel to take care of your project!

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