What’s Kind of Field Businesses will Get Benefit from CNC Machining?
By Nice Rapid | Aug 22 , 2020

If your company calls for precision machined components, many industries would take advantage of outsourced CNC machining.

Through this process, the company will reduce the development time, produce high-quality products, and enhanced stock management. Thus, it will result in great savings, increased profit, and improved productivity.

Application of CNC machining can greatly improve all aspect of the production process, but, some industries may benefit a lot from its implementation. Some of the industries are as follows:

Aerospace Industry

The application of CNC machining can improve the different aspect of the production process. But some industries derive from its implementation. The aerospace industry requires repeatability and high accuracy thus this process is very helpful. Since most parts are made of aluminum, because of its strength, the CNC machine is the best solution for producing everything from simple to sophisticated bearing housings.


This industry also requires repeatability with high volumes with competitive pricing. The flexibility of this process helps you produce in a vast range of component sizes and shapes without limit using different materials. In case of flaws on design, the CAD prototyping, modelling and 3D graphics let you correct it easily.


In parts used in medical devices, life can depend on precision. CNC machining is self-monitored and controlled for accuracy and repeatability and are usually used in manufacturing medical instruments, and for creating surgical implants and orthotic devices. CNC machine can process the needed materials and produce the final product. The machine can provide the automated report needed for product tracking and processing of FDA approval.

Upon the production of new products, the fast prototyping enabled CNC machine to reduce the production time, efficiently producing small runs and scaling up easily to higher production if needed.


Electronics involve miniaturization of components they become smaller and smaller but remains powerful. The CNC small scale can manage the complex materials needed, keeping it on tight tolerances for the smallest parts, even if you produce it into high volume. Different production parts can be produced by CNC machines in the electronics industry.


To attain the accuracy and precision particularly when it comes to supplies and accessories of firearms, ISO 9001:2008 certification is required. CNC machining can provide in-process monitoring as well as quality assurance, producing components that match the specifications and the same time maintaining tight tolerances.

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