Why CNC Machining is Perfect for Prototyping Porduction?
By Nice Rapid | Jun 25 , 2021

CNC Machining is one of the most often used manufacturing methods for prototypes production. Compare to traditional manufacturing technology that required high cost and long run manual skilled labor, CNC Machining has high precision and it is a single operator run the whole prototyping process.


CNC Machining has flowing advantages:

1. CNC can process a wide range of materials. Such as ABS, POM, PC, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass and so on. These materials have certain characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, high strength, good toughness, good impact resistance.

2.CNC prototypes processing is widely used in the field. CNC hand processing is often used in cars, medical, aerospace, small home appliances and so on. Also, CNC Machining can be used in producing large products, such as air conditioning, display, audio, medical equipment, motorcycle, and car parts, etc.

3. CNC machining processing also has many other points. CNC can process many kinds of materials, can meet the different customers for strength, temperature resistance, high tolerance and transparency and other requirements.

4. CNC post-processing methods are also varied, such as spray painting, polishing, screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, radium carving, and so on. The effect of many products can even be comparable to the effect of mold products.

CNC Machining is a computer numerical control process used by producers to build prototypes and machined parts. CNC machines are important for the whole CNC Machining process. There are several kinds of CNC machines, such as 3-axis CNC, 4-axis-CNC, 5-axis CNC…Different CNC machines has different function and precision.


We have professional engineers to provide solutions for your projects, and we have equipped advance CNC machines to satisfy our customer’s requirement. We try our best to provide good quality products for customers. If you have any prototypes need to be made, feel free to contact us enquiry@nice-rapidtooling.com to get free quote. 

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