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New Look, New Job!
Dec 27 , 2016 | Nice News
Not only is Selina helping to roll-out the new branding and company name, she also has a new job! Yes, our lovely Selina has moved from the sales floor to the marketing department and is now a marketing assistant, in charge of our social media accounts, advertising and other general marketing... read more
Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!
Dec 23 , 2016 | Nice News
Hello everyone, here comes the Christmas and New Year 2017! The weather in Zhongshan is rather warm in this winter and we hope the warmest wishes could also be sent to all of our customers and of course, the ones who concerning on our website. Look at our Christmas card below and we hope... read more
Guangdong Now Wealthier than Beijing!
Dec 20 , 2016 | Guangdong News
China Daily has announced that the number of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in Guangdong has exceeded that of Beijing, based on a report by Taikang and Hurun. The report interviewed 1125 HNWIs across China, as well as focusing on 30 individuals from the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and... read more
Why Prototyping China Is So Widely Known?
Dec 19 , 2016 | Industry News
Since China is an ideal country to make your prototypes, already it is said that No matter what the quality of the prototype will be just fine. Customization of products is one of the things which will be at the core of the rise in popularity for rapid prototyping. Now, the deal is when one is talking... read more
Ships Ahoy! Free Sailing Between Zhongshan & Macau!
Dec 15 , 2016 | Zhongshan Events
Starting from last month, the Macau News reports that is it now possible to sail from Zhongshan to Macau under the ‘free yacht’ system, which was agreed between the two regions originally in July 2014. The agreement allows yachts with up to 20 passengers to sail between the two cities in approximately 45... read more
Why Manufacture In China?
Dec 14 , 2016 | Industry News
Do we ever begin to wonder why we manufacture in China? I think that it is easy to say that a lot of companies first begin to look at China purely due to economic constraints and then, after they realise that the quality and service are also comparable with, if not better than, home manufacturers, the product.... read more
Carbon Trust To Advise Zhongshan on Environmental Improvements
Dec 13 , 2016 | Zhongshan Events
U.K. charity The Carbon Trust has agreed to help the municipal government of Zhongshan to reduce its carbon emissions in the face of large industrial expansion in a deal which was signed at the British Embassy in Beijing and as reported on The Carbon Trust’s website. Such an agreement will ensure that the city... read more
Saving For A Rainy Day?
Dec 12 , 2016 | National news
The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that saving for a rainy day has a totally new meaning in Zhengzhou, as a man decided that he wanted to buy a new car and raided his piggy bank! The man from Liaoning was looking to purchase a new vehicle and apparently tried a few different dealerships before finding one who would... read more
How Does Prototyping Work With Designs?
Dec 09 , 2016 | Nice News
By using a rapid prototyping service, you can save time, money and effort by both the company and the client. Prototyping China  ensures a superior-quality finished product by the help of this advanced technology. One thing that makes rapid prototyping services ... read more
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